Fred Nickl

Williams & Nickl LLC

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Williams & Nickl LLC
200 W. Adams St Ste 2475
Chicago, IL 60606
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As a member of Williams & Nickl, LLC I focus on administrative law and commercial litigation, in addition to my prior experience in professional liability defense.

I concentrate my law practice in litigation and trial work. We represent individuals and companies before the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), including those in the health care, real estate, mortgage, and private detective, alarm and security professions.

Our deep background in administrative law brings us many FOID and Concealed Carry License denial and revocation appeals.

Choice of counsel has never been a casual or uncomplicated decision. Personal relationships, expertise, reputation, and even fees are vital components to consider in choosing an attorney to defend or consult with on your professional license. You can expect and demand a high level of commitment, detail, and energy as a client.

I am licensed to practice in Illinois, and the Trial Bar of the U.S. District Court: Northern District of Illinois, and Northern District of Indiana. I have been admitted pro hac vice in Indiana. I am currently an inactive member of the Wisconsin Bar.

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  • Partner/Shareholder